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Only our engineers can keep our children safe.

Our Students Don’t Deserve…

Filthy School Facilities,
Aging Boilers Without Proper Supervision,
Not Enough Supplies to Use the Washroom &
Another Privatization Failure!!!


Filthy Schools

The bathrooms, classrooms and schools whose engineers have already been privatized are filthy. Our students deserve cleaner, safer and more sanitary conditions.


Dangerous Boilers

The boilers that heat our schools are aging and dangerous if not cared for correctly. Our engineers are the only ones who know how to do this. Without them, dangers lurk in the hallways.


Inadequate Supplies

Our schools lack the supplies they need. From bathrooms without toilet paper to schools with inferior cleaning supplies, we cannot afford to jeopardize our their health.

Our Children Need Your Support...

Our students need your support. Sign our petition below and let your legislators know that our students deserve better. We need to stop the privatization of our engineers. The CPS engineers care about our students and have dedicated their lives to keeping them safe and helping them learn in clean spaces.



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School Your Child Attends